An increasing number of tourists are venturing to Thailand on trips centered around the culinary arts.  Some experts now say that Bangkok is fast gaining on Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo as a major destination for dining in Asia.   "Almost every cuisine is available [in Bangkok]," said Cheryl Tseng, author of the bar and restaurant guide Chic Bangkok.  "I think the scene is very metropolitan and international.  It has become a dining destination in Asia."  Travel agencies, including Peregrine Adventures of Australia, are beginning to offer specialized tours of Thailand for food lovers. 

Stefanie Marsh of The Times of London speaks in this article about her recent trip to the Chiva Som spa and resort  in Hua Hin.  Chiva Som, or "Haven of Life," is described by Marsh as one of the most exclusive spas in the world, so much so that customers are not allowed to being cameras, in order to protect the privacy of the celebrity guests.   The spa specializes in deep stomach massage, colonic hydrotherapy, Thai massage, cleansing facials and body wraps, all in a magnificent setting.
The Times of London
Thailand Tourism and Sports Minister Suvit Yodmani said the government will study the feasibility of building a man-made island off the coast of Phuket to provide exclusive mooring for billionaires' yachts.  Suvit said the project would boost Thailand's image as a high-end tourism destination.  Microsoft founder Bill Gates reportedly visited Phuket last month on their 54-meter yacht and told Phuket Governor Niran Kallayanamitr that they would gladly return every year if they had somewhere private to dock their boat.