About Langhub.com

Langhub.com is a Bangkok, Thailand-based website focused on providing innovative language-learning tools. We strive to provide learners of a foreign language with dynamic and helpful resources, all 100 percent free. We at Langhub.com believe that there is no magic bullet to learning a foreign language. Gaining fluency in a second language often requires years of speaking, memorization and practice. This is not true in all cases, of course, as some are inherently better at learning languages. But the majority of people around the world struggle with learning a second language.

Having said this, it is important to remember that there is no one method that should be employed in learning a foreign language. Therefore, do not believe those who claim their products can allow one to gain fluency in a short period of time. This is very unlikely. For those who are serious about learning a bit of a language or gaining fluency, an approach including classes and tutoring should be encouraged.

In 2013, Langhub was purchased by Trevi Multimedia Group, a Bangkok-based marketing and media agency.