I 'Heart' Thai

In Thai, there are literally hundreds of words and phrases that use  jai, which means "heart." These jai words are oftentimes used to indicate an emotion, a state of mind or personal characteristics. The phrases are so ubiquitous that, if listening closely, you are likely to hear them on a daily basis – especially if you like to watch Thai soap operas!

Here is a list of 20 jai words.

1. ใจดี JAI-DEE (good heart) to be kind and generous

2. ใจร้าย JAI-RÁI (bad heart) to be cruel and heartless

3. ใจร้อน JAI-RÁWN (hot heart) to be hot-headed and quick tempered

4. ใจเย็น JAI-YEN (cool heart) to be calm and peaceful

5. ใจน้อย JAI-NÓI (small heart) to be easily offended

6. น้อยใจ NÓI-JAI (heart small) to feel neglected

7. ใจบุญ JAI-BUN (virtuous heart) to be kind-hearted and charitable

8. ดีใจ DEE-JAI (good heart) to be glad

9. เห็นใจ HĚN-JAI (seeing heart) to be sympathetic

10. น้ำใจ NÁAM-JAI (water heart) to be kind

11. พอใจ PHAW-JAI (heart enough) to be satisfied

12. ได้ใจ DÂI-JAI (have heart) to be overconfident

13. เจ็บใจ JÈB-JAI (hurt heart) to be indignant

14. ภูมิใจ PHOOM-JAI (proud heart) to be proud

15. ใจเสาะ JAI-SÀWH (weak heart) to be cowardly and overly dramatic

16. ใจเด็ด JAI-DÈT (brave heart) to be brave and resolute

17. ใจง่าย JAI-NGÂI (easy heart) to be gullible

18. ใจกล้า JAI-GLÂA (daring heart) to be courageous

19. ใจดำ JAI-DAM (black heart) to be mean and merciless

20. ใจถึง JAI-THĚUNG (reachable heart) to be brave enough to take a risk