Thai authorities have arrested Australian expats John Husein Lerovski and Vasilios Laskaris on charges of credit card fraud and currency counterfeiting. The two were arrested at a department store in central Bangkok and were found to have in their possession 10 credit cards under the name of a Roy A Finlay. A later search at a Bangkok apartment allegedly uncovered counterfeit U.S. dollars and chemicals and equipment to reproduce fake U.S. dollar notes.
Japan's coast guard will link up with Malaysia and Thailand to hold anti-piracy exercises in a bid to bolster cooperation against sea attacks. The series of exercises will take place off the resort islands of Phuket in Thailand and Langkawi in northern Malaysia beginning Jan 30. Authorities in some Asian countries have stepped up anti-piracy cooperation in recent years, in part because of concerns over possible terror strikes, especially along the Strait of Malacca, through which half the world's oil and more than a third of its commerce passes.
Venus Flytrap has become Thailand's first band comprised entirely of ladyboys to sign a major record contract. The five-member katoey band just recently released their first single, called " Visa for Love," which can be seen on monitors located inside BTS skytrains . The band was formed by Sony BMG, which said it did so in order to offer an alternative to the boy bands and girl gangs who look, dress and sound the same.
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