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Free mp3 audio and video files to help you speak, read, write, understand and learn Thai language. Thai beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Thai grammar lessons that include downloadable mp3s, pdfs, and embedded videos of translated Thai words and phrases (with Thai transliteration including accent marks) spoken in both English and by a native Thai speaker. Also available are language lessons for expats living in Thailand, Thai language lessons for traveling in Thailand, business Thai language lessons, and some columns about topics such as Thai words to use while getting a Thai massage and how to talk on the phone in Thai. You can also view our videos on our Youtube page. Our most popular lessons are: Common Thai Words and Phrases, First Thai Conversation, Beginner Thai Verbs, Numbers With Thai Script, the Thai Alphabet (Consonants), and the Thai Alphabet (Vowels).

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Adjectives 2
คำคุณศัพท์ 2


Thai Columns

Thai Jangwat, Amphoe and Tambon (Provinces, Districts and Subdistricts)

In Thailand, the country is separated into provinces (jangwat), districts (amphoe) and subdistricts (tambon). Below you will find links to provinces that list all amphoe and tambon in Thailand.


Amnat Charoen

Ang Thong




Getting clothes made at a Thai tailor
One of the many things Thailand is famous for is its numerous tailor shops offering superior quality garments, tailor-made to your liking, and at incredibly reasonable prices. Although it is true that many of the tailor shops are run by Indians,...

How to spell Your Name in Thai

Interested in being able to spell your name in Thai language? Consult our list below of commonly used first names and their transliteration in the Thai language.


English Name Thai Name
Aaron แอรอน
Abby แอ็บบี้