A proposed law to slow the expansion of big retailers in Thailand will be redrafted to ensure it is not susceptible to political interference.  Cabinet ministers unexpectedly rejected the proposed law on Tuesday, saying they worried that zoning regulations were too vague and that a new committee to oversee retail businesses could be subject to political meddling.  Government spokesman Yongyuth Mayalarp said the decision should not be viewed as a victory for major foreign retailers, and that there was no intention to water down the legislation proposed by the Commerce Ministry.  The zoning rules were criticized for being vague on the location and number of big retail outlets allowed in or near communities with small family-owned shops. Texco, Thailand's biggest foreign retailer with 56 outlets, said it agreed with the need for a retail business law. "I believe that family-run shops and the modern trade can co-exist," said Darmp Sukontasap of Ek-Chai Distribution System, which operates Tesco-Lotus stores in Thailand.