Thai daily newspaper the Bangkok Post has acted as the voice of the Zionist lobby and Israel when covering the major developments of the Middle East and world of Islam, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency.  The IRNA claims that the paper referred to the Lebanese as "terrorists" during that country's war with Israel last year, always speaks negatively about the Thai government's warming relations with Iran, devotes too much attention to Israeli issues, and used a recent editorial to question Iran's capturing of British marines while they were in the territorial waters of Iraq.    "The media experts of Southeast Asia believe that the Bangkok Post editorial is in line with the goals of the media centers associated with Zionists aiming to make Iran give up its inalienable international rights," the IRNA said.  The IRNA did not mention Cha-am Jamal, a frequent Bangkok Post columnist who is outspoken in his opposition to Israel and the oppression of Muslims around the world.  According to, about 200 Jews live in Thailand.