Thai government scientist Songpol Somsri said he has successfully crossbred the durian fruit to create a special type that does not smell as strong. Songpol said the new type of fruit, called Chantaburi No. 1, could broaden the acceptability of the durian, unlocking the door to new American and European customers who are put off by the foul stench of the traditional durian. The nearly odorless durian will obtain final approval in the coming weeks from Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture. However, Durian lovers say they are horrified at the prospect of their beloved fruit without its characteristic stink. “I don’t think it’s possible to make a durian that doesn’t smell,” said Somchai Tadchang, the owner of a durian orchard on Kret island. “Anyway, durians actually smell good. Only rotten durians stink.”
The New York Times