The Department of Special Investigation has launched an investigation of World Peace University. The DSI alleges that the organization is misleading the public by declaring itself a university, although it has never attained the status of a higher-education institute by the Thai government. World Peace University does not hold any classes. Rather, the entity awards honorary bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees to those in society who have done goods deeds and promoted world peace. The only requirement is a minimum payment of between 15,000 and 350,000 baht, entitling the recipient to use the World Peace degree publicity. Supanut Donchan, registrar and acting rector of World Peace, said the organization was established in order to grant honorary doctorate degrees to persons who contribute to society in fields related to world peace, such as media, marketing and creativity. "I am willing to face the DSI investigation because I believe that the granting of honorary doctorate degrees does no harm to anyone," said Supanut.
Bangkok Post