South Korea’s Incheon International Airport has been voted the world’s best airport, stealing the title from Hong Kong International Airport who held the title for seven consecutive years. Skytrax, a UK-based aviation research group, conducted a survey on 8.6 million passengers over a ten-month period.  Of all 196 international airports worldwide that participated in the survey, South Korea’s Incheonemergedthe overall best, closely followed by Hong Kong International Airport and Singapore’s Changi International Airport.  Joining them in the top ten are Zurich Airport, Munich International and Japan’s Kansai International Airport. Kuala Lumpur came seventh, followed by Amsterdam, Nagoya Airport, and New Zealand’s Auckland airport secured the tenth place.  In individual categories, Hong Kong won the best dining award, Kuala Lumpur won the best immigration service title, while Dubai International Airport won best duty free shopping.
The Times of India