Ko Phangan, known as the backpacker "island-paradise," is of course famous for all-night beach parties.  It is home to the famous-infamous Full Moon Party, a giant monthly blowout that draws up to 15,000 people during high season.  Some travelers say that the island offers much more than just parties.  "It is the most beautiful island in Thailand, the most affordable and the most pleasant place to be - maybe even in all of Asia," said a 34-year-old French traveler.  At one time, Koh Samui was the gathering place for young backpackers.  The scene moved to Koh Phenang in the 1990s after Samui became too crowded.
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On Aug. 3, hundreds gathered at the grand ballroom of Bangkok’s Asia Hotel to commemorate the death of a Elvis Presley with the 30th Elvis Presley Memory Lives on 2007 concert.   The event featured a number of Asian and Thai Elvis impersonators, some of which dressed like the King in his early days, and some opting to emulate him in his later, more robust years.   The Asia Hotel has hosted the event since 1997.  "This is close to my 10th year in Bangkok impersonating Elvis," said Rudy Souza, an Elvis impersonator from Macau who currently works in Macau’s hotel and casino industry.  "Although Elvis Presley’s death was unbelievable, I feel as though I am reviving his legacy whenever I impersonate."
An online survery by credit card firm Visa has found that Thailand is the favorite Asian travel destination of Australians.  Thailand was followed by Hong Kong, China and Japan.   The survey also found that about 20 percent of Australians were unaware that Beijing is hosting of the 2008 Olympic Games.  In addition, the survey reported that Aussies were the most likely to travel alone from the nationalities polled, and Australians were the most likely to believe that no countries were still severely affected by the 2004 tsunami.