The obscenely rich are gathering in Bangkok this weekend for a gala dinner at the Dome restaurant prepared by six three-star Michelin chefs. The meal will cost 1 million baht, or about US$29,000, per person plus tax and tip. Deepak Ohri, managing director of the Dome restaurant, says the diners will travel from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Untied States, and will include shipping, real estate and gaming magnates. Profits from the dinner will go to charity. Tthe main motive behind it will be to showcase Thailand as an upmarket tourism destination and investment target, Ohri said.

Four months after opening the $4 billion Suvarnabhumi airport, Thailand's military-appointed government said that flaws at the facility had forced it to reopen the old airport, Don Muang, for some flights. Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont made the announcement Tuesday after the government's weekly cabinet meeting but did not say airlines will use the old facility. Some in the airline industry complained about the decision. "I'm so shocked by the news," said Preyanan Mongkolsri, head of international public relations for Thai Airways. "We've extended the hand of cooperation at every turn, but as usual we haven't been consulted," said Brian Sinclair-Thompson, president of the Board of Airline Representatives in Thailand.
International Herald Tribune
Interactive sex shows in Pattaya have become a main attraction of Taiwan college students' traditional graduation trips, according to the United Evening News. A local tour guide said that the shows have been sold out for the past four months in part with the help of Taiwan students taking advantage of the current month-long winter vacation. The guide said that every day more than a hundred of both male and female students from Taiwan traveling in tour groups are attending the shows.
The China Post