The Tourist Authority of Thailand held a press conference yesterday to publicize the upcoming Pattaya International Music Festival 2007. The festival will feature acts from Japan, South Korea, Australia and other Asian countries on three stages. Artists performing include Ta-Ta Young, Babywalk, Reef, Dr. Octopus and T-Bone. The event runs from March 16 to 18.
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A wetland bird that scientists had not seen for 130 years has been rediscovered at a wastewater treatment plant in Thailand, according to Birdlife International. The large-billed reed-warbler was discovery in 1867 in the Sutlej Valley of India, but because it was so rare, scientists had long debated whether it represented a true species. "The Indian specimen has short, round wings and we speculated it is resident or a short-distance migrant, so its appearance in Thailand is very surprising," said Stuart Butchart of BirdLife International. "A priority now is to find out where the large-billed reed-warbler's main population lives, whether it is threatened, and if so, how these threats can be addressed."
John Stewart of The Daily Show recently interviewed Sam Sheridan, author of the new book, A Fighter’s Heart: One Man's Journey Through the World of Fighting. The book chronicles Sheridan, a Harvard graduate, during his time spent at a Muay Thai camp.
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